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chyeah . .

15 July
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me : L 7 = square . . .

<3 : [listen] Phantom Planet, Rilo Kiley, Rooney, Mraz, Costello, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Like, Deathcab, Dopo Yume, Veruca Salt, The Faint, The Fire Theft, Jets To Brazil , Maroon5, Matt Beckley, OfMontreal, Ozma, Superdrag, Ozma , Second Saturday, Elliott, Tahiti80, ThatDog, The Tyde, Weezer,
and Mineral to name a few.

<3 : [Watch/View] Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, E.T., Lucas, The Invisible Circus, Reality Bites, Simpsons, Sandlot..
(add more later)

<3 : [people] both parental units and friends you know who you are . . .

<3 : [read] Crichton, Rand, Tolkein,
and Stan Lee <-- comics.

Poseurs, school,
the selfish,
the arrogant,school parking lot,